Windowology Exhibition Archive

This website archives the exhibitions of “Windowology,” a research activity conducted by the Window Research Institute. Windowology was launched in 2007 as a unique research project unlike any other in the world. In the course of its development, it has ranged far into various domains, including design, language, environment, health, ethnology, history, stories, manga, and film. Its breadth speaks to the fact that windows, in addition to being key elements in a buildingʼs design, are closely tied to human behaviors and also reflect our social, cultural, and technological circumstances.

Window Research Institute

The Window Research Institute is an incorporated foundation dedicated to contributing to the development of architectural culture through collecting and disseminating a wide range of ideas and knowledge related to windows and architecture, supporting research and organizing cultural initiatives. The research project “Windowology” was launched as part of these activities by Window Research Institute based on the belief that ‘windows represent civilization and culture’. In addition to conducting research activities, the Institute has been working together with other research institutions, museums, private agencies, etc. both in and outside Japan on international interdisciplinary projects.