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Michele De Lucchi and Windowology

Michele De Lucchi

Michele De Lucchi participated in a research project in 2005-2006 that led to the birth of Windowology. These are two paintings he made as part of his research. Also on display for the first time is a drawing he made when he took part in an interview with the Window Research Institute in 2014. De Lucchi, who believes the window is the most important element of architecture, contributed a message that reads “There is always a good reason to open a window smiling!”

“There is always a good reason to open a window smiling!”

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Michele De Lucchi Architect

Michele De Lucchi was born in 1951 in Ferrara and graduated in architecture in Florence. During the period of radical and experimental architecture he was a prominent figure in movements like Cavart, Alchymia and Memphis. De Lucchi has designed furniture for the most known Italian and European companies. For Olivetti he has been Director of Design from 1992 to 2002 and he developed experimental projects for Compaq Computer Corporation, Philips, Siemens and Vitra. In 2003 the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris has acquired a considerable number of his works. Selections of his products are exhibited in the most important design Museums in Europe, United States and Japan.