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The books displayed here are publications from the Window Research Institute’s previous “Windowology” research grants and activities. They include the WindowScape series by the Tsukamoto Laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, which has been translated into more than four languages, and Looking Through/Le Corbusier Windows (2019), which was published in collaboration with photographer Homma Takashi and the Canadian Centre for Architecture. We have also published books for Window Research Institute exhibitions such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan, which was produced in collaboration with Atelier Bow-Wow (2014); the “Windowology 10th Anniversary Exhibition and Symposium” (2017) featuring researchers and artists including Leandro Erlich; and “The Window: A journey of Art and Architecture” (2019), an exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, in which windows from around the world were brought together and displayed as works of art.

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Window Research Institute

The Window Research Institute is an incorporated foundation dedicated to contributing to the development of architectural culture through collecting and disseminating a wide range of ideas and knowledge related to windows and architecture, supporting research and organizing cultural initiatives. The research project “Windowology” was launched as part of these activities by Window Research Institute based on the belief that ‘windows represent civilization and culture’. In addition to conducting research activities, the Institute has been working together with other research institutions, museums, private agencies, etc. both in and outside Japan on international interdisciplinary projects.