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Windows on How We Live Now

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What kinds of windows are Japan’s architects designing for houses today? These are Japanese windows captured by French photographer Jérémie Souteyrat. In his photobook tokyo no ie (Tokyo houses; 2014), which shows Japanese houses in Tokyo within the neighbourhoods in which they were built, you can see how the orientation, size and position of the windows have carefully been adjusted in response to sightlines and their surroundings. The windows of houses in provincial cities instead are designed to relate to the natural environment, as seen in Souteyrat’s work for Japan, Archipelago of the House (2017). You can also catch glimpses of the occupants of the spaces lounging beside their windows.

Kyoto, December 22 2013 - O house by Hideyuki Nakayama.
Tokyo, June 2013 - "A life with large openings" house by Ondesign
Tokyo, October 11 2013 - Room room by Takeshi Hosaka.

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Jérémie Souteyrat videographer / photographer

After graduating as an engineer in 2001, Jérémie Souteyrat got into photography by taking his first travel pictures. After several exhibitions and press publications, he decided to dedicate his time to his new passion while discovering a new culture and moved from Paris to Tokyo in 2009.
In Japan, he received assignments for documentary, portraits and architecture photography from some of the most prestigious newspapers and magazines (The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, Elle, Der Spiegel, etc.), along with corporate clients and architects.
In 2014, he published his first monograph ‘tokyo no ie’, a book about Tokyo’s contemporary houses as seen from a documentary point of view and took a series of movies and pictures about contemporary houses in Japan for a worldwide touring exhibition: “Japan, Archipelago of Houses”.
Jérémie moved to London in April 2018 for new challenges.