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Windows on the Teahouse

©JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles
©JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles
©JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles
©JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles
©JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles
©JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles

The Japanese teahouse (chashitsu) is a special architectural structure which features many types of windows in a small space. These include renji-mado (windows made from wooden slats), maru-mado (round windows), tsukiage-mado (hatch skylights) and shitaji-mado (windows made by exposing the lattice framework of the wall). Yōsuitei, which is also known as the Jūsansōnoseki (Thirteen-window sitting room), has the most windows among all existing teahouses. This is a full-scale replica of Yōsuitei created by enlarging an original okoshi-ezu, a fold-up three-dimensional architectural plan made with washi (handmade Japanese paper). These models, which represent the spaces of Japanese teahouses, were utilized by tea masters and carpenters when reviewing and developing designs.

Design: Tezzo Nishizawa Architects + Ken Okamoto Design office
Production: TOKYO STUDIO
Photography: Ota Takumi
Film: qomunelab

Special Assistance: Yōsuitei Preservation Society, Horiguchi Sutemi Archives

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Nishizawa Tezzo Architect

Born in Kyoto. After completing the Master of Fine Art at Tokyo University of the Art(2000), worked for Jun Aoki & Associates and was in charge of LOUIS VUITTON Ginza Matsuya and Aomori Museum of Art. Established Tezzo Nishizawa Architects in 2007.
Major works include “The National Museum of Art, Tokyo, Collection Gallery Renewal” (2012), “Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art” (2019), and “Hachinohe Art Museum” (2020). “Waiting for Video: Images from the Sixties to Today” (2009), “Paul Klee: The Endless Studio” (2011), “Art on Film: Starting with Marcel Brotards” (2014), and “Syncopation: Masters of the Century and Contemporary Art” (2019), and many other exhibition venue designs. Received the 8th Kyoto Architecture Award, the 30th AACA Award, the 2020 JIA Grand Prix, and the 62nd Mainichi Art Award, among many others.

Okamoto Ken Graphic Designer

Born 1983, Gunma Prefecture. Majored in psychology at the Division of Behavioral Sciences, Faculty of Letters, Chiba University. Okamoto developed an interest in graphic design in the course of his research and shifted his focus. After graduating, he acquired practical skills by working at several design offices.After a time at VOL Co., Ltd. and then Taku Satoh Design Office, he started out on his own, which was April 2013. From 2016 to 2019, he became a part-time lecturer at Tama Art University Department of Integrated Design. Currently he is one of the jury of Good Design Award.