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Windows on the Environment

Windows also function fundamentally as environmental control devices. However, the role of the window changed dramatically during the 20th century. Buildings became equipped with mechanical heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems and supplied with great amounts of energy, resulting in the emergence of high-rise buildings with windows that do not open. But now, with the growing demand for sustainable architecture, the role of the window as an interface with the outdoor environment has gained renewed importance. One could say that there is a new interest in architecture that ‘breathes’ and interacts with nature. In this exhibit, you can see how heat, light and wind behave around openings in Japanese houses.

©JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles
©JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles
©JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles
©JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles

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Kodama Yuichiro Professor Emeritus, Kobe Design University / ESTEC Design

Born 1946 in Akita, Japan. Graduated from the architecture department at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1969. Completed a doctorate at the institute in 1976. Assistant instructor of architecture at the institute from 1976. Joined the Ministry of Construction Building Research Institute in 1978 and served as a senior researcher, section manager, and department manager. Professor of the Department of Environmental Design at the Kobe Design University from 1998. Publications include Passibu kenchiku sekkei shuhou jiten [Encyclopedia of Passive Building Design Techniques*] (Shokokusha), Eko haujingu no susume [Recommendations for Eco-Housing*] (Maruzen), Kankyou to kyousei suru kenchiku [Environment-Oriented Architecture] (Kenchiku Shiryo Kenkyusha), Sumai no naka no shizen [Nature in the House*] (Maruzen), Toshi kenchiku no bijon [A Vision for Urban Architecture*] (Architectural Institute of Japan).

Kaneko Naoshi Associate professor, University of Shiga Prefecture/ESTEC and Partner

Born in 1967, Tokyo
BA, Faculty of Science and Engineering, TOYO University
MA, Integrated Arts and Design Division, KOBE DESIGN UNIVERSITY
Ph. D, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Architectural design department Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
Special researcher, KOBE DESIGN UNIVERSITY
ESTEC DESIGN, vice-president
University of Shiga Prefecture/ESTEC and Partners/Passive Design Laboratory(Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)